Custom Painting Dublin – Questions to Ask Potential Painters

You’ve done some DIY painting before, but now you’ve decided to hire someone else to do custom painting in Dublin. By now, you may have some questions running through your head.

It would be better to put these questions down in writing before they escape your mind, and you might not be able to recall them again. You will use this list of questions when you interview potential contractors.

These common questions will help you decide on the right paint contractor you will paint your home or commercial building. It’s only natural you may have some concerns – after all, the contractor will remain at your property for several days, depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

You may have written down the questions you will ask each candidate. If you think you haven’t, here are some suggested common questions:

1) Do you have a valid license?

Every client wants nothing less than a paint quality job from their contractor. A license means the contractor possesses basic knowledge of painting methods and techniques. The contractor knows they may lose their license if they do sloppy work or behave unprofessionally towards their clients. Custom Painting Inc. has all the valid and appropriate licenses, so you’re assured of quality service and professionalism from our team.

2) Do you carry insurance?

Despite significant improvements in occupational safety (including mandatory safety training for employees and laborers), accidents and injuries still occur. Unintentional property damage can also happen. That’s why general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance are essential requirements for every painting contractor. If any accident happens on your property, the contractors have insurance policies to cover any claims. That will give you peace of mind when working with professional painters. They will perform the job according to the terms of your contract because they have a reputation to protect.

3) How much will the job cost?

Another critical question is to ask each candidate about the cost of the job. Research how each contractor might charge you because you wouldn’t want to end up paying too much. However, beware of contractors offering low-priced services because it may mean they’re only after your money. Therefore, it’s highly likely that they may cut corners, do a sloppy job, or even abandon the project unfinished. Remember that low pricing usually means low-quality work.

To be sure, invite your shortlisted contractors (at least three) to your home or commercial property to perform an inspection and assessment. After the inspection, each contractor will create an estimate and send it to you. Then, compare these estimates. Ask them questions, such as any work that may require extra charges.

If you want to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the paint job, you may request the contractor to allow you to do your part of the project, such as cleaning the work area and preparing the surface.

4) What products will you use?

The quality of the paint and primer will significantly impact the project’s result. Steer clear of companies trying to cut corners using cheap but inferior paints, primers, and other coatings. High-quality paints produce a more durable finish and even application of color. The result will look nicer and last longer. Durability is especially crucial in exterior painting. If painters use quality paint for exterior surfaces, it will be able to protect your home or commercial building from the elements. A durable paint finish will resist fading, peeling, chipping, or cracking, boosting the building’s curb appeal for many years.

5) What’s the best paint color?

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the right colors for a particular space or the exteriors can be challenging. It can be frustrating when there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of color options from which to choose. The lighting, architecture, wall texture, room decor, and the size of your home or commercial property are important factors to consider when choosing the right color. If you are undecided, let Custom Painting, Inc. help you.

6) Can I trust your employees?

If the company says “yes,” ask them further questions, such as whether they do criminal background checks on their employees. Reputable paint service companies do reference and criminal background checks on their employees.

7) Can you provide references?

Asking for references or testimonials from paint contractors is a sure way to determine if they do quality work. Checking references is essential because it gives an accurate idea of how they deal with their customers. The golden rule is to obtain references from at least three contractors for their paint jobs in the past six months.

8) Do you have guarantees for your work?

If you’re asking contractors for a guarantee or warranty, they should provide you with a written one. A guarantee or warranty protects you against common workmanship faults that may lead to issues such as fading, cracking, peeling, or bubbling that can happen within a short time frame after completing the paint job. Custom Painting, Inc. provides a five-year residential and commercial paint job warranty.

Finding the right paint contractor is never easy, but it is possible. As long as you ask the right questions and obtain the best answers, you’re close to hiring the best contractor who will do custom painting in Dublin for your home or business.