A Stucco Painting Company Near Me Can Fix Your Exterior

Whether you build or add new siding to your home, a stucco exterior is beautiful and long-lasting. Even though it is durable, it is not entirely maintenance-free. But stucco doesn’t need to be maintained frequently compared to a smooth surface. When solid stucco siding is applied correctly, it will only require minimal maintenance from a stucco painting company near me.

Stucco is also not spared from the possibility of getting damaged. If you see cracks on your stucco exterior, the cause may be any of the following:

  • The gradual shifting of your house
  • Seasonal weather patterns
  • Incorrect fitting of lath
  • A wrong mixture of stucco compound

Thus, it’s best to hire a professional painting contractor who also knows how to deal with stucco damage. Only a skilled and experienced contractor specializing in stucco application, painting, repair, and maintenance can fix all cracks in the stucco surface, ensuring renewed appearance and enhanced stability.

Professional contractors opt to replace the stucco if the damage is too significant that repairs alone cannot remedy it. One of the common issues with stucco siding is water intrusion. If left unchecked and untreated, there is a higher chance that mold will grow and thrive. If the damaged stucco is way beyond repair, professional painters assess the defects and replace it with a new stucco application.

It’s better to deal with the cracks on your stucco siding while they’re still small. Even minor cracks can become a significant problem because moisture can get through even the tiniest cracks, and your stucco siding will suffer from water intrusion.

The cracks usually happen around doors and windows. The earlier you spot the cracks on your stucco siding that are still minor, the better. Use a brush to clean the cracks, then seal them with a flexible caulk (such as 100% silicone base caulk).

If you have more significant cracks or too many cracks on your stucco siding to deal with, and if you still value your free time, a painting contractor will do the job for you. Look for a company with significant experience in stucco repairs, replacement, and painting for residential and commercial properties.

No stucco project is the same. Professional painters know that each stucco may “behave” differently, primarily due to weather changes. Thus, repairing stucco is sometimes tricky, even trying the new paint to match the current wall color. They tend to use different products to achieve the correct finish.

In addition to experience in working on stucco, a painting company should be reputable, trustworthy, and reliable. To hire the right contractor, you should:

  • Check authentic customer reviews and ratings.
  • Request customer references from the painting contractors on your list.
  • Check their business credentials (for example, memberships in professional trade organizations and local community organizations).
  • Make sure that they’re licensed and insured. A painting contractor with general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance has a better chance of getting hired.
  • Request estimates or quotes from the painters on your list (at least three to five) for comparison purposes. An estimate will help you determine which of the contractors charge most reasonably and will deliver what you expect for your project.
  • Once you’ve hired a contractor, get a detailed contract and warranty. Ask the contractor what is not included in the contract and warranty. The more details they provide, the easier it will be to compare and choose the right one.

Why wait until the damage on your stucco gets worse? Look for a stucco painting company near me. As each stucco repair project is unique, the painting company will send their team of experts to inspect your home and provide an accurate estimate for a stucco repair or painting.