Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Does your business in Dublin, CA, need to be revamped, but you hesitate to spend money on remodeling? That’s quite fine.

However, you may have to ask yourself – when was the last time the interior walls of your commercial property saw a new coat of paint? If your answer is five years or so, or you do not even remember, it is the right time to give the interior walls a fresh coat of paint. 

Whether you operate a small cafe, run a warehouse, or own a multi-unit office building, your business needs to look its professional best regularly. Considering that urgency and the fact that you’re already occupied running a business, it makes sense to hire a professional contractor to handle the painting and renovation project on your behalf. Explore the benefits of professional interior painting and check out Custom Painting Inc.’s interior painting and related services.

Advantages of professional interior painting

Having a contractor paint the interior spaces of your commercial property comes with the following benefits:

  • Time savings – Hiring professionals saves you time. They have the skills to complete the job efficiently and effectively, often completing projects much faster than you could on your own or with an untrained team.
  • Right tools and materials: Professional painters have access to high-quality tools and materials. They know which paints and finishes are best for different surfaces and conditions, leading to a more durable and longer-lasting finish.
  • Preparation and cleanup: Proper preparation and cleanup are crucial to a successful painting job. Professionals will properly prepare surfaces, protect your furnishings and flooring, and ensure a thorough clean up afterward.
  • Quality results – Professionals bring expertise and attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality finish. Their experience allows them to produce smooth, even coats and sharp, clean lines that DIY efforts often can’t match.
  • Expertise in color and trends – Professionals can offer guidance on color choices and the latest painting trends, helping you make decisions that will enhance the appearance and appeal of your space.
  • Cost-effectiveness – While hiring professionals involves upfront costs, the efficiency and durability of their work can save money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent touch-ups or corrections.
  • Safety – Painting commercial spaces often requires working at heights or in complex spaces. Professionals have the equipment and training to do this safely, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Stress reduction – Entrusting the work to professionals can alleviate the stress of managing a painting project. You can focus on running your business, knowing the painting is in expert hands.
  • Insurance and licensing – Professional painting companies are typically licensed and insured, offering protection against accidents or damage during the project.
  • Warranty or guarantee – Many professional painters offer warranties or guarantees on their work, providing peace of mind and protection should any issues with the paint job arise later.

Overall, hiring professionals for commercial interior painting projects can enhance the aesthetic appeal, durability, and value of your property while ensuring a hassle-free process.

Custom Painting Inc.’s painting services

  • Full-room painting – We paint all four walls and, sometimes, the ceiling.
  • Accent wall painting – We paint a single wall with a color different from the rest of the room. The purpose of accent painting is to define a space or draw attention to a somewhat inconspicuous part of a room.
  • Ceiling painting – We paint ceilings of every type.
  • Trim and molding painting – We paint trim, door and window frames, baseboards, crown molding, chair rails, etc.
  • Kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing – We apply paint and other finishes (stain, varnish, glazing, lacquer) to kitchen cabinets.
  • Popcorn ceiling removal and paint – We remove the old acoustic ceiling (popcorn ceiling), install new ceiling, and paint it.
  • Wallpaper removal and paint – We remove the old wallpaper, then clean, prepare, and give new treatment to the walls (new paint or wallpapering).
  • Water-damaged ceiling repair and paint – We repair or replace water-damaged ceilings and paint.
  • Decorative painting – Our talented crew can do murals, faux finishes, trompe l’oeil, stenciling, and Venetian plaster to walls and ceilings.

steps for interior painting

Custom Painting, Inc.’s process steps for interior painting

Interior painting involves several key steps to ensure a high-quality finish. Here’s a general overview of the process:

1. Planning and preparation:

  • Choosing paint colors by considering the room’s lighting, size, and how it’s used. Test samples on walls to see how they look at different times of the day.
  • Calculating the paint needed by measuring the room to estimate the amount of paint required, accounting for multiple coats.

2. Preparing the room:

  • Removing furniture and fixtures (or moving them to the center of the room).
  • Protecting flooring and fixed features by using drop cloths or plastic sheeting.

3. Surface preparation:

  • Cleaning the walls to remove dust, grime, and oils that can affect paint adhesion.
  • Repairing Imperfections by filling holes and cracks with spackle or plaster.
  • Lightly sanding the surfaces to improve paint adhesion, especially if the walls are glossy or have previous uneven paint jobs.
  • Priming the walls

4. Painting:

  • Cutting in along edges, corners, and trim.
  • Using a roller to apply paint systematically, starting from the top down. Work in small sections, blending wet paint into wet paint to avoid lap marks.
  • Depending on the paint type and color, we use more than one coat of paint and allow proper drying time between coats. 

5. Finishing touches:

  • Inspecting and doing the necessary touch-ups.
  • Cleaning up the work area and disposing of debris.

6. Reassembling the room:

  • Replacing furniture and fixtures.
  • Conducting the final walk-through and inspection

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If your commercial property’s interior spaces look dingy and outdated, the best painters in the Bay Area will refresh and update their look. Custom Painting, Inc. is a licensed and insured company with over four decades of providing residential and commercial painting services for cities in and around the Bay Area. 

When you work with Custom Painting, you get a top-tier contractor committed to excellence and professionalism. You are always guaranteed a quality paint job that will last a long time. Contact us by phone (925-294-8062) or send us a message online to get a free estimate, and we will discuss your upcoming project.