Choosing a Color for the Garage Door

The garage door makes up a significant part of your home’s curb appeal due to its size. And this is why when you plan exterior painting of your Dublin home, it’s impossible to leave the garage door out.

Choosing a different color for your garage door is exciting – and often daunting. After all, your garage door protects your vehicle or other belongings from the outside elements. It is also one of the things people notice when they pass by your property. That’s why it’s essential to make your garage door look updated by repainting it.

But before you open a can of bright red paint, ensure the new color for your garage door will complement the rest of your home. Otherwise, it can detract from the overall look of your property.

Go with any shade of white. You can’t go wrong with white if you want to keep things classic. Most professional house painters will tell you that white is the top choice among homeowners for their garage doors.

That choice is not made by chance, either. White is also known for its versatility, making it the perfect accent for virtually any color. Whether your siding is dark gray, chestnut brown, navy blue, soft yellow, jet black, or brilliant red, white garage doors will look great next to it.

You may be surprised to discover that white comes in various shades – pure white, off-white, cream, ivory, snow, eggshell, dirty white, alabaster, etc. But no matter which shades you choose, white goes perfectly with other colors.

The downside of white is that it is more prone to reveal dirt, scuffing, and other surface imperfections than darker colors. But regular cleaning and maintenance of your white garage door will keep those minor concerns at bay, and your garage door will stay as pristine as ever.

  1. Choose other neutrals

White is one of the classic neutrals that will go perfectly with other colors. But if white is not your type, you can choose from any neutral colors, and your garage door will still look good.

From shades of gray to shades of brown, the choices are endless. Neutrals like light gray, ash gray, beige, tan, greige (a combination of gray and beige), blue-gray, and taupe have become staples of exterior painting. These neutral tones can enhance your garage door’s appearance without paying too much attention to themselves.

  1. Match the colors of your trim or front door.

You can derive other garage door color ideas by considering other features of your home’s exterior. In fact, many professional house painters recommend using the colors of your front door or trim for your garage door. It will create a balanced and cohesive curb appeal. It will also make your house look more defined, highlighting its other architectural details.

  1. Blend in to make your house look bigger.

Many homeowners choose accent colors for their garage doors to contrast their siding. However, others decide to match the color of their garage doors with the house’s color.

While this suggestion is somewhat unconventional, going this route can make your home look bigger and more uniform.

However, you don’t have to choose the exact same color for your garage door. Going a few shades lighter or darker than the current color of the siding will keep things exciting and prevent your home from becoming totally “washed out.”

So, if your home is dark gray, choose dark gray for your garage door or another shade of gray that’s a few shades lighter or darker.

  1. Don’t forget the HOA rules!

In some neighborhoods, homeowners can paint the exterior of their homes with the colors of their preference.

In other neighborhoods, however, homeowners must abide by the rules, guidelines, and restrictions of their homeowner’s association (HOA) regarding exterior colors. This means you won’t have as much freedom with color selection as you would. So, while your heart is set on a specific color for your garage doors, your HOA may require you to compromise and choose another color instead.

However, the good thing about these restrictions is that they may help prevent “decision paralysis,” which happens too often when choosing paint colors.

Your HOA may already have an approved list of exterior paint colors for you to choose. But guidelines, restrictions, and approvals may differ from HOA to HOA.

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