Custom Painting, Inc. Does Commercial Painting in Dublin

Commercial painting in Dublin will do the trick if you have thought of revamping your business’s look without spending a lot on renovations.

Experts recommend painting your businesses every couple of years. Repainting your business should be one of your top priorities. A fresh coat of paint (and a few tweaks on the furnishing, lighting, and decor) can magically transform the look of your business. Repainting your commercial property is the ideal solution if you want to quickly increase your business traffic without investing too much money and time in a significant renovation.

Here are some benefits of commercial painting, which include:

  • Creating a positive impression on the customers
  • Attracting new customers and retaining long-time patrons
  • Helping increase profits
  • Creating a more welcoming and energetic environment for your employees and tenants
  • Keeping pace with your competitors
  • Extending the life of your commercial property
  • Increasing property value
  • Guaranteeing rebranding success

If you need someone to paint your commercial property in the Bay Area and East Bay, turn to Custom Painting, Inc. to get the job done. We are a licensed, bonded, insured paint service company offering interior and exterior commercial painting work. Our team includes full-time professional painters and carpenters.

We work on businesses of every size, from small cafes to large shops to high-rise apartment complexes. We will provide as many references as requested to allow you to choose the right painting contractor.

How would you know if it’s time to have your business repainted? We offer you these tips:

  • Go outdoors and inspect the exterior of your commercial property. If you see signs like fading, peeling, chipping, or cracking paint, your customers will probably see that, too. These issues can ruin your business’s curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint will address the problems associated with such surface damage. It will also improve the exterior look of your commercial property.
  • Take time to check the interiors of your commercial property. If you see scratches, scuffs, and other damage to the walls, or if you think the color scheme has begun to look outdated, it’s time to give your interiors a refreshed and updated look. Custom Painting, Inc. is skilled and experienced in updating your commercial property’s interior.
  • Be sure to consider the new paint job’s impact on your customers, employees, and tenants. You want to plan it well so that the new paint job will have the least negative impact on them. The right painting contractor in Dublin, or any city in the Bay Area, will work with your schedule to keep your business open, and the painters can get their work done.
  • Whether you want to paint the exterior, interior, or both, decide on how much budget you will allot for the work. There is probably a line item for business improvements, so you may want to consider using this line item at this time.

You don’t just hire a paint contractor to improve the appearance of your business – you invest in one. If your commercial building is ready for an update, contact Custom Painting, Inc. at 925-294-8062 to schedule a time to meet with our estimator at your property. We are prepared to be your partners in making your business look its best.